Appvance UTP is the first AI-Driven unified test automation platform that completely transforms your software development process.

Deploy software faster with Appvance UTP

AppvanceUTP is the first AI-Driven Software Test AutomationBuilt from the ground-up to be DevOps-ready, Appvance UTP combines multiple test types with the unique Appvance AI technology and Robotic Test Automation. AI-driven tests can be created without any human scripting in minutes. 1000x faster than manual testing or legacy test automation. The result is faster, better and more productive QA for all modern applications.

  • Empowers QA with AI-driven test generation
  • Adds incredible velocity and depth of tests
  • Expands collaboration and communication
  • Streamlines QA and increases productivity

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Key Features

Appvance AI Automatically creates thousands of tests which are ready to run. AI generated scripts more closely represent how real users use an application. Reduces QA scripting and testing times by over 90%.
Appvance Designer A unique code-less recording environment for rapidly creating and automating complex data-driven use cases by automatically creating easy-to-edit, ultra-low-brittleness scripts.

Faster than scripting or coding, Appvance Designer is a brand new recording environment and IDE. Record Ajax, mobile, web, HTML5, Flex/Flash, Java, Oracle Forms, WebLogic, AngularJS and more. The easy-to-read Appvance Designer scripts are short, clear and easy to edit. Add conditional statements, data-drive them, add in your own Javascript lines and nest other scripts.

Full test suite Tests include functional, performance, load, app penetration, compatibility, database, DDoS, mobile and more, in one integrated solution.
Works with existing tools Imports and runs existing scripts such as Selenium, Visual Basic, HTTP Archive (HAR), Perl, Groovy, Selenium RC, .NET, C#, PHP, Jruby, SoapUI, JMeter, Sahi, JUnit, Jython and others.

If you do want to write scripts, why not use what you know? Or import old scripts in whatever language they were written in. You can repurpose those scripts across any test type, also.

Write-once methodology Virtually any test can be repurposed for use with another test type.

For example, you can repurpose an existing Selenium WebDriver functional script for performance and app penetration tests.

True beginning-to-end testing Tests software applications the way that users experience them and yield real-world results.

Including the UX in addition to API-level tests—and results are superior to protocol-level testing alone.

Multiple deployment options Run tests locally inside your firewall, from the Appvance Cloud, Amazon AWS, RackSpace OpenStack, Azure, Savvis, IBM or any combination. Provides maximum flexibility in how you want to deploy and run software testing.

Test Types

Appvance UTP enables faster, better and more productive testing operations for all most enterprise applications including HTML5, Java thick clients, Swing/AWT/SWT, mobile, SOAP/REST services, corporate apps, Oracle forms-fuse-fusion, Windows thick clients, Java FX, AngularJS, advanced JS canvas apps, Tableau apps and messaging platforms.

Unit/API Utilize your favorite Domain Specific Language (Selenium, C#, Java) at the API level or UX level.

Rapidly test your part of the code prior to integration. Run test cases in series or parallel and get Pass/Fail results fast.

Security App Penetration (DAST) Appvance UTP can identify 80% more problem areas than traditional App-Pen tests.

With deep use case-driven App Penetration technology built-in, teams can quickly identify security issues including SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), App Authentication Management, Direct Object References, Security Misconfiguration, Edge Cache Misconfiguration and other OWASP issues—deep in use cases and at every build. By diving down and running PEN tests at hidden levels within an app, testers can identify 80% more problem areas than traditional App-Pen tests.

DDoS App Penetration This is the first and only DDoS with App Pen testing available. Runs using use cases already created for functional tests.

Leveraging the Appvance use case-driven App-Pen framework, along with the load-gen technology, Appvance UTP can generated sophisticated DDoS attacks. During the attack, the system attempts to break-in just like known hackers do. Applications have access to key data and, under stress, they can give-up any built-in protection to cached or DB-stored data. Appvance UTP is the first test automation platform with DDoS App Penetration testing—and it is a critical part of closing gaps in your security shield.

Functional Functional /Regression / Smoke Run all your functional tests in series or in parallel. Record tests in minutes and parameterize them without any coding needed.

With advanced element-level comparisons, checksum analysis, page comparisons and virtually any checkpoint, functional and regression testing has never been faster and more complete. Capture code, images and videos of pages with errors, use the advanced Object Library to rapidly re-assign thousands of elements in hundreds of use cases when something changes in the app design. Flag a variety of errors automatically, gather crucial response times even during functional tests, and keep page snapshots (or videos) when errors occur.


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Load & Scalability Use existing frameworks like SoapUI, JMeter and others and use the same platform for functional and unit tests.
Stress Leverages use cases already created for functional tests, or use existing frameworks like SoapUI, JMeter and others.

Test 100% of the end-user experience by driving HTML5 apps through real browsers (MSIE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, webkit and more), or at the protocol level, or both at the same time. Measure actual response rates as seen at the UX. Test up to millions of concurrent virtual users. Immediate access to live drill-down reports, including element-level timing, highlight bottlenecks and let developers quickly improve response times. Broad capabilities including network emulation, variable step, wait, interval times, IP Spoofing, VU generation from around the world, data production library can data-drive all use cases and pass data between use cases and more.

Soak Leverages use cases already created for functional tests which has the true end-to-end behavior the app will see in Production.
Synthetic APM Leverages use cases already created for functional tests.
Compatibility Cross-browser compatibility Automatically take snapshots or videos of potential issues, to investigate later as needed. Runs using use cases already created for functional tests.

Take any set of use cases and automatically run them across multiple browser types or versions in series or parallel and find out which ones handle your code correctly, which ones show errors and which are just plain slow with your client-side code. Automatically take snapshots (or video) of problem pages to investigate later, as needed.

Database Validate Data mapping, ACID properties, Data integrity, Schema accuracy, Database performance, Performance under load and Server performance at every build.

Developers, database administrators (DBA) and testers can use Appvance UTP to test database functionality and performance in Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL and Derby DB. The dep and rich feature set includes the ability to validate data mapping, ACID properties, data integrity schema accuracy, database performance and performance under load and server performance. Testers can get complete data on database server performance, including CPU, memory, I/O, storage and other metrics to help them rapidly identify areas for improvement and optimize their database structure, setup, schema, caching strategies, federated database configurations, DBMS and overall performance.