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5 Criteria for Script Generation Tools

Testing teams have several alternatives for manually creating scripts. Most date back years, some are platform specific, some open source, with Selenium remaining the benchmark for most test engineers, notwithstanding that it has fallen way behind the curve. Appvance’s entrant is the Appvance IQ Test Designer, a modern IDE that enables ultra-high productivity when creating,…

5 Hallmarks of Superior Load Testing

Load and performance testing is something you can’t crowdsource, or shouldn’t anyway. After all, crowdsourced load testing would look a lot like DDoS, which is something SecOps wouldn’t appreciate. Nope, load testing is only feasible via automation, as Mercury Interactive showed twenty years ago with LoadRunner.   But, what about now? Well, Jeff Bezos made…

5 Steps to AI Driven Testing

Artificial intelligence is top of mind for executives seeking game-changing efficiency boosts, especially in software development and IT operations. In those software eating the world domains, data is plentiful — but talent and time are dear. Spanning dev and ops, software testing is as promising a target as could possibly be. It’s a billion dollar…

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