Appvance UTP is available as an annual license
or as a hosted service subscription.

Appvance UTP Cloud with AI

Appvance UTP is also offered as a SaaS subscription to the comprehensive, hosted Appvance UTP Cloud service that provides you with carefree access to Appvance UTP 24×7. There is nothing to install or maintain. This is an excellent choice for enterprises who mainly test publicly accessible applications.

There’s a monthly subscription package to fit your business—pricing starts as low as US$99/month (includes access and support). Learn more.

Annual License On-Prem with AI

The entire Appvance system may be licensed annually and installed fully behind your firewall, on-prem. Virtual test users are generated from hybrid-supported nodes, meaning they can exist fully behind your firewall, or in the cloud, or both together. This is an excellent choice for enterprises who primarily test applications behind their firewall and have not yet moved their infrastructure to the cloud.

License cost depends on feature set, tests supported, test seats and max concurrent virtual test users generated.

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