Appvance UTP Cloud Pay-As-You-Go Subscription

The most comprehensive subscription to the only unified software test platform

A SaaS subscription to the comprehensive, hosted Appvance UTP Cloud service that provides you with carefree access to Appvance UTP 24×7. Monthly subscription pricing is US$1,200 per seat (includes access and support) plus fees based on actual usage (as described below).

Monthly base fee per user license (seat)
Includes support and access to all features
$ 1,200
Usage fees
Based on Virtual User Hours (VUH), which are the concurrent virtual simulated users multiplied by the hours of load
VUH per month Protocol-level $/VUH Protocol-level VUH Fee UX-Level $/VUH UX-Level VUH Fee
100 $0.180 $18.00 $1.000 $100.00
10,000 $0.140 $1,400.00 $0.700 $7,000.00
100,000 $0.080 $8,000.00 $0.400 $40,000.00
1,000,000 $0.022 $22,000.00 $0.110 $110,000.00

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